Book Review: Saint Tikhon of Moscow: Instructions & Teachings for the American Orthodox Faithful

Saint Tikhon of Moscow: Instructions & Teachings for the American Orthodox Faithful (1898–1907) published by Saint Tikhon’s Monastery Press, is a compilation of Saint Tikhon’s homilies, letters, and the like directed toward the newly developing Orthodox communities in North America. The compilation was first published in 1923 and 1926 but, as the translator notes in the preface, […]

Angels & Demons: A Patristic Perspective — Book Review

Angels & Demons, written by Dr. Harry Boosalis and published by Saint TIkhon’s Monastery Press, is a short, one-hundred page introductory-level piece to the spiritual realm of angels and demons. Based on lectures in Dr. Harry’s first year dogmatics course, the book is divided into three chapters, Angels, Demons, and The Enigma of Evil, and […]

The Empty Throne — Book Review

The Empty Throne, by Fr. Lawrence Farley, traces the Orthodox Episcopacy from the time of the Apostles to today. Published by Ancient Faith Ministries, the book is a time-appropriate exploration of how the Episcopacy developed, what it looks like today, and how, in Fr. Lawrence’s opinion, Orthodox parishes and Bishops should take steps to develop a […]

Fasting as a Family — Book Review

Fasting as a Family by Melissa Naasko: is it a book or a cookbook? Yes and no. Yes. I do not know. The first 80 pages or so are divided into six chapters and read like a book. Chapter seven features around 50 fast-friendly recipes ranging from the acrid sounding “Breakfast Spaghetti” and “Smoked Oyster Paté” to […]

Come, Let Us Worship, Book Review

The Divine Liturgy is packed with goods. As informal as that statement is, it remains true. And it can take years to fully appreciate the fullness of the Divine Liturgy. With this in mind, the Very Reverend Fr. Patrick B. O’Grady set out to adapt Robert S. Andrew’s In Remembrance of Me, a guide to the Divine Liturgy, “to […]

When God Made You Book Review

The latest children’s book published by Ancient Faith Ministries, entitled When God Made You, is a delight to read. Written by Jane G. Meyer in a musical-poetic tone, the book looks at a diverse group of children and their talents, seeing in them God’s creative talent in making the children unique in who they are. […]

Reclaiming the Atonement Book Review

Reclaiming the Atonement written by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon is a look into the Orthodox understanding of this highly controversial topic. But, as Fr. Patrick notes in the introduction, his aim is, in addition to explaining a proper theological understanding of Christ’s work, to reclaim the word “atonement” since, with its western connotations, it has […]

A Conversation on the Saving Work of Jesus

We asked two of our Editors—Ben Cabe and Ben Winter—to hold a discussion about an important theological question: How does your tradition view the saving work of Jesus?  What follows are their replies, as well as responses to each other’s position. Ben Cabe Soteriology is inextricably connected to Christology. That is, what salvation is, how one “attains […]

Round Table: Christmas Traditions

A key aspect of how Eastern Orthodox Christians celebrate any liturgical feast is in our preparation for the feast. The liturgical cycle is such that it helps us live our Christian lives by constant remembrance (anamnesis) of events—and preparation for events—in the life of the Church. In the Orthodox Church, the Liturgical New Year is celebrated on […]





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