Video Marketing Statistics Animation

Video Marketing Statistics Animation

These video marketing statistics have been gathered from recent studies across the web. They highlight how important video marketing is in the marketing world. Video is more than an optional marketing technique; it is an absolute necessity if your company is going to succeed in 2014. Are you leveraging the power of visual communication through animated web content?

Companies who use explainer videos:

• receive 65%-85% more business from website visitors
• are 53x more likely to land on the front page of a google search
• saw a 200%-300% increase in email click-through ratings when it contained the explainer video

Online retail shoppers:

• are 64% more likely to purchase after viewing a video
• 90% of shoppers cited a video as a deciding factor in their purchase

Other mind-blowing video marketing statistics:

• A video increases visitors’ understanding of your company / your product by 74%
• Viewers retain 95% of video messaging and only 10% of written messaging
• 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research
• Forbes wrote that 59% of executives prefer videos to text
• 80% of your website visitors will watch your video and only 20% will read all of your written content
• On average, a visitor stays on your website 2 minutes longer when a video is present

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