Revive Our Hearts

Revive Our Hearts has their own radio and video team. The work I do for them is largely based in animation. I resource their production team either with animated assets that they then port into their films or entirely animated videos (like the True Woman Manifesto). Below each video I’ve listed my role. In addition to everything shown below, I have resourced them with animated assets for countless videos. 

True Woman Manifesto (kinetic type)

The above video is by far the longest animated type video I have ever created. The audio was mixed by the Revive Our Hearts team and then sent to me. I was given the True Woman 2014 (event specific) website as a reference for colors. Then, I was given free rein (like most of my video projects) to create/design/animate according to creative inspiration. You will notice throughout the video that the style progresses and slightly changes—where I add new elements to maintain the viewers interest. This was shown at the True Woman 2014 event in Indianapolis where over 8,000 women were in attendance.

Women Helping Women (event promotional)

For this project, I took the drawn art provided by the Revive Our Hearts team (seen at the beginning) and ripped it apart in photoshop. I then animated it and added in other drawn assets to give it depth. The live video section was filmed by the Revive Our Hearts Team. I designed and animated the pieces where each speaker is speaking (and then added in ROH’s video on the right side in a frame). I also designed and animated the details at the end.

True Woman 201 (DVD Series)

The above video is the promotional for a DVD series put out by Revive Our Hearts. The Revive Our Hearts production team filmed the entire series and I provided them with animated assets for the entire DVD series including the DVD Menu, intros for each theme, animated logos, animated assets such as drawn flowers, book push-ins, lower thirds, and text cutaway scenes. You will see some of this in the video above. Everything else is on the DVD.


This video was filmed by the Revive Our Hearts team. I designed and animated all of the animated assets: the timeline, the transition, etc. and I animated the logo.

Animated Story (profile) Video

I animated the above video. The Revive Our Hearts team provided me with the audio track and the artwork.

2012 True Woman Manifesto (shown live)

This video was interested. I was given the audio track and video portions and then animated everything. We used a wide-wide screen format (as you can see on the screen) so it was interesting to design the frames.






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