St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary

A video tour of St. Tikhon’s.

My Heart Began to Soften (testimonial profile). See the rest of the series here

Holding My Heart at St. Tikhon’s (follow-up to above profile):

Till Morn Eternal Breaks (short animated concert promotional)

St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary (general promotional video)

Elijah’s Mantle: A Ministry of St. Tikhon’s

Aerial Work for St. Tikhon’s

The productions above were filmed, edited, designed, and animated by Ben Cabe. I worked closely with Seraphim Danckaert to make it happen.

Logo_BG_Square_SocialMediaI arrived at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary on a Saturday afternoon and started filming right away. I filmed a few testimonial profiles and then footage of vigil. Sunday morning I filmed Divine Liturgy followed by a few in
terviews with the faculty and seminarians. Then, after filming all day on Monday, I headed home on Tuesday to assemble the footage.

Dr Harry Boosalis

Lower third example (click to enlarge)

After looking around to get a sense of the St. Tikhon’s brand, I built the intro logo background based off their website colors and background texture. I then added in the logo, stylized it, added a few other style preferences and animated it. Building off the logo animation, I designed and animated the lower thirds (in general promo video above) and the thumbnails for the youtube videos (seen as thumbnails above).

In addition to this, I worked to build their brand into their youtube presence. I designed the header and organized their channel by adding their videos to playlists. Below you can see the youtube before and after pictures.

St. Tikhon's Youtube Before

St. Tikhon’s Youtube Before


St. Tikhon's youtube after redesign / organization

St. Tikhon’s youtube after redesign / organization

Topping it off, I designed a St. Tikhon’s promotional page, which incorporates the brand I established for them in video, that will be printed in a pamphlet (seen below). I took the background texture and colors I created for their logo animation, added them under two photos I took from the air—one of the cupola and the other of the sunrise. (The aerial photos / video were taken during the shoot). Finally, I topped it off using the two-font combination I used for their brand throughout the videos (St. Tikhon’s / Orthodox Theological Seminary as font pairing).


Finally, taking all of these brand assets, I developed the animated portion of St. Tikhon’s brand a little further by creating a short (purposefully simple) video to ornately display the Monastery Chamber Choir’s new CD entitled, “Till Morn Eternal Breaks” (music by Benedict Sheehan).





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